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August 28, 2017

Dear Walton Citizens,

As the end of summer rapidly approaches we are preparing for Old Fashioned Day. September 9th is the day. The parade starts at 12:00 and there are activities throughout the day.

The following Saturday we will see the Boone County Sheriff and volunteers conducting a door hangar program throughout the city to bring awareness concerning the drug epidemic and how people can get help with addiction. If you can help for a couple of hours please meet at the senior center by 9:30. We want to cover the whole city so please come out and bring your friends and family with you to simply distribute these door hangars of information.

Later in October we have Halloween. This year I'm told there will be teal pumpkins for our kids who have food allergies. Watch for more information in the future regarding these special teal colored pumpkins for kids with  allergies.

On November 17, Boy Scout troop 833 will have a spaghetti dinner fund raiser at the fire house at 5:00.

These light-hearted announcements are a break from the disasters and the discontent in our country. Please pray for our neighbors in Texas.


Mayor Carnahan



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