Current Ordinances


Ordinance 2023-01 Elected Officials Compensation
Ordinance 2023-02 Scott Street one-way
Ordinance 2023-03 Construction Mud on Streets_
Ordinance 2023-04 Owen Electric Franchise
Ordinance 2023-05 Franchise for Duke Electric
Ordinance 2023-06 Franchise for Duke Natural Gas
Ordinance 2023-07  23-24 FY Budget
Ordinance 2023-08 Close Skyway Drive
Ordinance 2023-09 Setting the Tax Rate
Ordinance-2023-10 Backflow Prevention
Ordinance 2022-13 Map Amendments
Ordinance 2022-12 Text Amendments
Ordinance 2022-11 Catholic Boys School Annex
Ordinance 2022-10 Catholic Boys School Annex- Zoning
Ordinance 2022-09 Setting the Tax Rate
Ordinance 2022-08 Boys School Intent to Annex
ORDINANCE-2022-07 22-23 FY Budget
Ordinance 2022-06 Zoning Text Amendment
Ordinance 2022-05 Council Compensation
Ordinance-2022-04 Personnel-Policies_PTO_Sick Leave
Ordinance 2022-03 Personnel Policy sick leave- TABLED
Ordinance 2022-02 Gas Franchise
Ordinance 2022-01 Electric Franchise
Ordinance 2021-14 Noise Ordinance amendment
Ordinance 2021-13 Ad Valorem taxes
Ordinance 2021- 11 Towne Center Dr. Speed Limit 
Ordinance 2021-10 Short Term rentals
Ordinance 2021-09 Partial Tackett Annexation – DROPPED
Ordinance 2021-08 Adopting Code of Ordinances 
Ordinance 2021-07 Garbage Franchise 
Ordinance 2021-06 21-22 FY Budget
Ordinance 2021-05 Grinnell Annexation
Ordinance 2021-04 Water-Sewer Fees
Ordinance 2021-04 training incentive program for city officials – dropped
Ordinance-2021-03 Personnel Policies Employee Pay Increases March 2021
Ordinance 2021-02 Social Media Policy – tabled
Ordinance 2021-01 Eliminating Adm Asst and part time adm asst positions – Vetoed
Ordinance 2020-13 Zoning map amendment for Towne Center Drive property
Ordinance 2020-12 Council and Mayor Compensation – tabled
Ordinance 2020-11 Setting the tax rates 2020
Ordinance 2020-10 approving the Kenton and Boone County tax rolls
Ordinance 2020-09 Approving Revised and Updated Personnel Policies
Ordinance 2020-08 Allowing Hen Chickens in City Limits
Ordinance 2020-07 Amending Garage and Yard sales
Ordinance 2020-06 Raising the water rates
Ordinance 2020-05 Adopting budget 
Ordinance 2020-04 Installation of stop signs Aosta Valley
Ordinance 2020-03 Adopting the 2019 Code of Ordinances
Ordinance 2020-02 Fire Lane citation late fees
Ordinance 2020-01 Mullen Drive speed limit